“Seven Years Itch 2014” at Anaba Project

June 25, 2014

Anaba Project is proud to announce next Group Show “Seven Years Itch 2014”. Opening reception will be on Sunday June 22nd.

Time flies. And nowadays everybody is too busy to see each other in person but six artists and classmates who graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art seven years ago decided to get together at Anaba Project Space by flying and driving from all over the country this month.

Each artist will bring their newest artworks and show them at Anaba Project Space. Those artworks will show where they stand now in art making. Please join this exciting event and celebrate together for their continuous investigation and commitment towards art making.

Group Show: Seven Years Itch 2014
June 22- July 27, 2014
John Chwekun
Autumn Ewalt
Akemi Maegawa
Melissa Mytty Nickel
Matthew Alden Price
Julie Schustack