As artists and designers, we seek to measure the hidden metrics of  public spaces. We are interested in the transformation of public spaces into sites for interaction, reflection, and contemplation. We aim to create work that is engaging and dynamic for cultural connectivity, as we believe public art has the capacity to leave an extraordinary impression on something that might otherwise only be ordinary. By enhancing community spaces, we want to generate interest in the urban landscape and the things that go unnoticed or have maybe been forgotten. In addition, we also place a strong emphasis on creating place making and beauty through story telling.  We believe this can be an invitation to look more closely, to spend time in the space with the work where it otherwise might be looked over.  Through the transformation and reinterpretation of everyday forms and landscapes, we invite the viewer to see and relate to the city and community in a new way. By reflecting the vibrant energy and community, we want to create an iconic work of art that generates a lasting impression.

We started Animalis in 2010 to create an environment that allows for the synergy of creative forces between us. Animalis means, “with breath or spirit,” or in other words, “to be alive.” We aim to create works that bring life to the communities and spaces they inhabit. We each contribute our strengths to our creative endeavor.  Dharmesh, a trained architect, utilizes his skills for design to integrate art into the urban streetscape. His passion for public art is driven by the creation of urban spaces for the benefit of the community.  His experience includes work as an urban designer developing streetscape plans and site plans for activation of the urban fabric. He works with community members to collaborate and bring cohesive designs for all to enjoy.  He has worked with many local, state and federal agencies to integrate artwork into our cities.   Autumn, a master ceramicist, uses her background in ceramics, sculpture, and materiality for design and fabrication. Our collaborative process is very fluid. We both contribute our strengths to create the best possible outcome on any given project.